Paul Richmond


"Born That Way" acrylic on canvas

About the piece

As a child, I struggled with the sense that there was something inherently different about me, something that I knew others would perceive as wrong. Despite my efforts to change or even disguise those attributes which threatened to give away my secret, I discovered them to be overwhelmingly inseparable from my being. I believe that sexual orientation has genetic roots, and this painting addresses this belief as well as my youthful struggle to conceal what I perceived to be the darkness within myself.

About Paul

Paul Richmond’s paintings have been displayed at venues including the World of Wonder Gallery, A Bitchin’ Space, BoMA: The Bar of Modern Art, and the Columbus Museum of Art. Utilizing a multitude of artistic methodologies, his work explores themes of personal narrative and social commentary, sometimes addressing unique experiences of the GLBTQ community or the universal themes of self-realization and empowerment. View more of Paul’s work online:

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